Determination of Heavy Metals and Physiochemical Parameters in Water Samples from Gold Mining Area of Yar’galma Village


Heavy metals, Water, Mining, pollution, Quality.


Artisanal mining activities in some rural areas of Zamfara State have resulted into many health issues associated with heavy metals pollution. This study was conducted to analysed the physicochemical properties and level of heavy metals in sample of polluted water by artisanal mining activities of Yar’galma Village of Bukkuyum L.G.A of Zamfara State. The sample were analysed for six 6 heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Ni Cd and Cr) using Atomic Absorption spectrometer. The heavy metals were detected in the water samples except for Cadmium in sample A and Lead and Cadmium in sample B.  The results were compared with the permissible limit of World Health Organization (WHO) and they were all above the limit set by WHO. Finally, due to the high concentration of these heavy metals detected in the samples which may be related to local and illegal mining taking place close to the village, the water is not safe for drinking.



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